Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back From the Brink!

Hey, hey, boys and girls. I am back from the brink, as they say. I know I promised that I would be funny and post stuff after I posted about my sister. But if I'm being honest with you, for about a full week after that post I was having a really hard time with my sister being gone. I've realized that her choices are her own, however bad they are, and that my worrying (which is, essentially second nature to me) was doing her absolutely no good and it was hurting me. A lot.

As an update, we have heard from the prodigal daughter and she is not willing to follow the guidelines that have been set for her in order to come home. For now at least, she is "homeless' - although she knows full well she has a home to come to if she is willing to (sorry, daddy - bad language ahead) grow the fuck up. So, for the time being, good riddance, psycho child. I hope you get your act together.

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