Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Which I Find a Dress and Feel Like a Bride - and Like It.

Okay, kids. I've been grossly neglectful of my lovely blog. You may have noticed that this happens about once a month and then you get a flurry of posts over the next week or so ... then I disappear again. Sorry guys. In my defense I have had one day off in the two weeks since Madre was here and we bought "The Dress". But now, I am back!

As far as the dress shopping experience goes, it was so painless I can't really adequately describe how much I didn't hate it. I would even go so far as to say ... I enjoyed it. Crazy, I know. Let me set the stage for you:

Madre was to arrive at Dulles Airport early in the morning on Monday, so after work on Sunday I drove up to Arlington to stay with my MOH. (Quick Wedding Party Biography: MOH is my oldest friend - we've been friends for over twenty years now and I am so excited to finally share my home state with her after over a decade). ANYWAY, staying with MOH made it so easy to pick up Madre in the morning and I got to spend some quality time with MOH - and check out bridesmaids dresses on Sunday.

I made the appointment with Ann's Boutique in Burke, VA as soon as I found out Madre would, in fact, be visiting. Ann's Boutique is the "Premier" Seller for Watters and Watters gowns in VA and they also carried the WToo line. But I couldn't sleep the night before the appointment and started looking up online reviews.

This was a mistake.

Such a big mistake, in fact, that I almost canceled the appointment! Working in the service industry, I should have realized that people go online mostly to complain and say things that they wouldn't say in real life (shut it. that's not what my blog is like ... i say this stuff in real life) but I got seriously scared at the number of negative reviews of Ann's. Also, the appointment was at 1 PM and I picked up Madre at like 9:45 and couldn't figure out a way to kill three hours in the NOVA area ... Thank God Madre talked me into keeping the appointment while sitting in a Dunkin Donuts somewhere between Arlington and Burke. We moved the appointment up a couple hours and when we got there, had the whole shop to ourselves!

Some of the online bitches reviewers had said that Ann (the owner and seamstress) was pushy and rude, but I adored her. She had me in and out of dresses so fast and was totally honest about how dresses looked on me. She was definitely not trying to make a sale that wouldn't be flattering on me. The dress we ultimately bought was the second one I tried on - I tried on maybe seven after it and came right back. It was obviously Madre's favorite and even Ann said it suited me perfectly.

I was, like, so-exceptionally-super-vain y'all. I think I really did look at myself in the mirror for upwards of five straight minutes. That's a long ass time. I wasn't doing anything. Just standing. And staring at myself. Like Narcissus. Had I been looking into a body of water I may actually have drowned (... that's sort of how that myth goes, right? or turned into a flower? whatever, that's basically it? Dad - comments?) ... Anyway the point is that the dress fit me PERFECTLY. Like a freakin' glove. And I looked skinny. Also tall. Two things that I am NOT. Oh, and then there was the veil. Veil met head and I cried. I CRIED! I was a goddamn "Say Yes To The Dress" Cliche. Embarrassing. But also really nice. It was the first time I've felt like: "HOLY SHIT I AM ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED! I AM A DAMN BRIDE! (AND I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT)"

Excuse the profanity, parentals, but that is actually how it felt. I loved every second of it. I'm a "Bride" bitches. Hear me roar ... or something.

In the next few days:

I have an invitation dilemma. Also bridesmaids dresses. I swear I won't disappear for weeks on end this time. Probably.

OH! Also, Daddy got me and Fiance a camera (something to check off our registry, yay!) so there will be more pictures - specifically ones that are not backwards!


  1. AWESOME! So glad it went so well (and easily) for you!! You look absolutely beautiful in the dress and I'm glad your mom was there and you have a fantastic story from it! You deserve nothing less than a "say yes to the dress" cliche! Love~

  2. PS: I can't believe I beat Lawyer Bridesmaid to comment ;) +1 Me haha

  3. First off, impressed D beat me to commenting.

    Soooooo happy you love the dress and that you actually enjoyed buying it! I'm so effing excited to see you in it! Yay!!

    Happy you're back n the blogosphere too :)

    Love you love you

  4. Hi, Ladybug! You have the myth substantially correct, he said in self-congratulatory tones. Narcissus did indeed neglect himself while admiring his reflection in the pool and then died. So, it's a good thing you could tear yourself away from the Beauty that is You. I don't think he drowned, but some versions of the story say he killed himself, whether by accident or on purpose is unclear to me. The Wikipedia article is rather thin, but this link has all the purple prose you could wish, as well as the story of his would-be girlfriend, Echo.

    I think we would do well to include much more mythology in our educational scheme, but the heritage of the nasty old Puritans stands in the way. Another reason America would be much better off if the Mayflower had sunk.
    All my love,

  5. I'm just here to tell you that I told you eventually you'd fall in love with wedding planning. It's unavoidable. Now spread your wings and yell at some unsuspecting florists.