Friday, October 14, 2011

My Damn Wedding ... Is Tomorrow!

There have been many, many requests from my many, many fans *cough* Mom & Dentist Bridesmaid *cough* for a final post. Things have been crazy this week, I had a million and seven errands, formalized the seating chart (last night at 2am) and printed the escort cards, got a mani/pedi, played with my nephew, had my hair and makeup trial, got my portraits taken, wrote the ceremony bulletins and assembled them (I am so f-ing tired of ribbon, I could scream), I fielded approximately a thousand distressed phone calls from the MIL ... honestly, I'm exhausted.

Other than just exhaustion though, in this moment I feel calm. If I had written this post last night it would have been riddled with expletives, well, more expletives than normal. My in-laws had some car trouble on their way into town and were without a car yesterday. Around 7pm last night, as Fiance was about to abscond to Richmond for his "Make-up Bachelor Party" he stopped by our house with his mom ... that was a bad life choice.

Number One Wedding Guest Rule: DO NOT UNDER, ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, COMPLAIN TO THE BRIDE THAT YOU ARE STRESSED OR UPSET OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN HAPPY. Seriously, I know it makes me sound like a Bridezilla, but I was doing my best to stay calm and to just enjoy the ride and this woman comes up in my house and spills her stress and worry all over me and freaked me the fuck out. Then I got into an argument with Fiance because he was leaving and leaving me to deal with everything all by myself. I was clearly projecting my frustration from dealing with his mother, but jesus christ, woman! If the bride asks how you are, you say "Wonderful! So excited for you!"

Because, if you are stressed, if something is going wrong, if someone is missing or if it turns out there's gonna be a tornado (true story, happened yesterday, 5 miles from my house) you keep that info to yourself and you fix it. Or delegate to someone else to fix it. I'm only getting married once, I've spent most of my life being nice and taking on things I didn't need to in order to make people's lives easier. Today (and tomorrow) I want my life to be easy. I want to focus on the fact that I am marrying the most amazing man, that I am going to take vows that have been said a million times over thousands of years and that I mean them with all my heart.

Tonight I get to have (most) everyone I know and love in one place to celebrate my love for Fiance. Tomorrow, I'm taking one last flying leap into adulthood and into a lifetime of love with the best guy I know. And, as much as possible, I'm just gonna roll with the punches ...

 ... and get mother-fucking married, bitches!!!

This is what I look like after two hours of hair and makeup. Also with professional lighting and photoshop. But don't I look like a princess?! I felt like a princess.