Friday, August 26, 2011

My Bachelorette Weekend ... and an Uninvited Guest

Hey There, Readers! Today is the start of my bachelorette extravaganza! And everything would be awesome if it weren't for that bitch, Irene. Irene, you suck. Of course, I'm talking about the "most powerful hurricane to hit the Mid-Atlantic in decades". Here she is:

Now, it is a testament to how awesome my friends are that they are willing to head into the eye of the storm. Well, not literally, but whatever. In the past week we had a 5.9 earthquake, a catastrophic hurricane is headed for the coast and I am celebrating my last few weeks of unmarried life. Signs of the apocalypse? Possibly. 

It is likely that this weekend will be spent in our hotel rooms hanging out and watching movies, possibly braving the storm to hit up some bars. But even if we get stuck inside, I know that my friends are going to make this a freaking awesome weekend. With lots of booze. And a hurricane ...

... oooooh that makes me think of the cocktail. See, maybe Irene's not so bad after all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Which I Get More (Wedding Related Tasks) Accomplished in One Day Than I Have in The Last Two Months ...

Hey kids! Sorry I've been MIA - I've been pretty busy around here for the past few weeks. I took my Sommelier exam and had my first wedding gown fitting - a weekend that requires its own post, for sure. Then there's the working and the working and oh, that's right, the working.

Anyway, Fiance went out of town last Thursday and will be gone til this Thursday so I've been hanging out all by my lonesome for a few days. I decided to head to Richmond to stay with my Dad - something I haven't done in months if not actually a year or so - and it was so much fun. You never grow out of hanging out with your parents - or at least, I guess I haven't. Or, perhaps more accurately, there was a time when I found them to be lame and then grew to realize how awesome they are and grew to really really enjoy being around the parentals. So, the time I spent with my Daddy was really great - not only did we have some "wine flights" where I got to show off my "somm" skills but we got about a TRILLION things accomplished on Monday.

I had quite a few things I needed to get accomplished in Richmond for the wedding. When I come down for lunch on most Mondays, I maybe manage to get one or two things done - but never like this. Yesterday, Daddy and I conquered a fairly crazy to do list. We had to visit several banks, go to the wholesale florist to set up the account for FMIL, go to Michaels to purchase some more thank you note and welcome dinner invite materials, head to Davids Bridal to purchase a veil (and coincidentally pick up my after-partay dress which I was told wouldn't be in til October), go to the mall to try to find a dress for my bachelorette party and finally go by Jos A Banks to get Daddy's suit tailored. We accomplished everything! With an extra pair of shoes thrown in as well (my bachelorette party dress was on sale, so I made up the difference with some ADORABLE shoes).

One of the big perks of having a professional photographer for a father is that my life is exceptionally (and possibly excessively) well documented. Normally I'd just take pictures for y'all on my point and shoot camera. I'd probably position my purchases on my cluttered dining room table or possibly on the pet-fur-covered ottoman in the living room. But yesterday, Daddy took pictures of all my lovely purchases. Complete with studio lighting ... and some photoshop. There's something called a "color area" it needed adjusting apparently ... anyway, ENJOY! (And check back soon for a run down on all the other stuff I've been doing lately. Like my dress fitting and my exam and opening wedding gifts.)

Here is my "After Party Dress" - it's really cute on, the detailing on the chest looks great with my wedding shoes ...
AND - there are pockets!

Ooooooh, spaaaaaarkles.

Moooooore Spaaaaaarkles, what could these possibly go with? ...

The sparkles go with this dress! It's a sort of shimmery silver, it's tight in all the right places and I bought it in a size much smaller than I'm used to. Oh, and it was super on sale. Pretty much a win all around.

I bought a veil! It's a two-layer-raw-edge-walking-veil. Or something. It's simple, it's light and it was WAY cheaper than the veil that my bridal consultant was hawking up where I bought my dress. Anyway, here I am looking sort of normal, if a bit bedraggled after such a long day ...

But then I made this face ... and decided to share it with you. Lest you think I'm taking myself too seriously, what with all of my many many many accomplishments of late.

Here is what the back of the veil looks like, on a dignified model, who would never ever make the above pictured face.