Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pictures!

Now, on to FUN STUFF! It's in caps because in typing, caps means fun. Did you know that? Some people say it means yelling - but sometimes yelling can be fun. It's fun yelling. My madre is coming! I pick her up from the airport in like ... 48ish hours. We are going to buy a wedding dress! Knock on wood. I have to buy this damn dress because in wedding-time apparently my wedding is tomorrow and I have been negligent on the dress front. I have been lead to believe that if I do not buy this dress in the next week (March 15 marks 7 months to the wedding) then I will obviously be naked or wearing hobo clothes down the aisle.

That's not cool - no one wants to be a hobo on their wedding day. Why do you have to make me feel that way, WIC? Why? Anyway, I've decided to steal some photos from designers websites to show you what I've already tried on and what I intend to try on again for mi madre. Here we go!

All of the following dresses are from Watters & Watters and I tried them on with Lawyer Bridesmaid:

  Style 1079B 

Escalante (Affectionately referred to as the Grace Kelly Dress)

Austin - this one made my top 5 - it was swishy and twirly and light as air.

Tyler - my absolute fave. Tried it on with an ivory sash. Loved it. 

So, what do you think loyal readers? I've focused my search on this designer because his dresses were lovely and fit my proportions (ie. boobs. and hips) very well. Madre and I have an appointment at a salon in BFE Northern VA on Monday! Next up, maybe I'll post some pics of dresses I'm looking to try on from Watters & Watters less expensive line. Also I have some fun pictures of my pets that I feel like I should post. Because my pets are weird. Like me.


  1. i love them all. obviously. love, lawyer bridesmaid :)

  2. I like Escalante and Tyler. In practical terms, Escalante will cover your shoulders a little bit and make it less likely that you will reach for a sweater or demand Matt's tuxedo jacket, if the AC is on at the reception. Also, just a suggestion, try to choose something that looks good without a veil. Veils cause a lot of painful shouts of "the veil! the veil!" at the weddings I shoot. People don't seem to understand that hugging the bride AND her veil causes the sharp, spikey anchoring system of the veil to dig into the bride's scalp. When she shouts, "The veil! The veil!" -- I think it scares and confuses people, and their first impulse is to say, "what about it?" Also, most brides ditch the damned thing as soon as they realize what a nuisance it is. The tulle (or whatever that gauzy stuff is called) bow in the hair of the bride wearing Austin looks like a nice alternative, but you have to remember that your hair style should cover Kokopeli.