Friday, February 25, 2011

Attempts at Pictures! One is Backwards!

This is going to be super fast because I have to go back to work in like fifteen minutes but I'm gonna post some pictures! Check it!

Here is the picture of my Save the Date ... which I took using Photo Booth on my laptop ... so it's backwards. Sorry!
Those are the walls of my kitchen in the background. Anyway pretty much everyone who reads this was sent a Save the Date, but I thought, "what the hell maybe I have other readers" Also it will be fun to post a weird mirror image of the postcard.

Now, here is a picture that I found online of the invitations we looked at! I will explain how we came to find them and more about the specifics of the invites and also I will post another bizarro backwards picture of some samples we got off of Etsy. But not now because I'm running late already.

These are super-sweet in that they sort of fold up into themselves and the RSVP is attached to the bottom and you rip it off and send it back - which means we only have to provide the return postage for a postcard and not an envelope ... Plus I think they're pretty and simple. That's sort of my aesthetic. Also I'm cheap. And I don't see why I need to have like four interior cards and an interior envelope and tissue paper and a million dollars in postage. Oh also they come with little personalized seals with our names on them. Cute, no?

Okay, I'm off to serve some wealthy, elderly, verrrrry southern white people some French food. Later, kids!

PS. I just previewed my post and I am totally giddy about this whole pictures on blog thing. I like pictures. They take less time to comprehend than paragraphs. Also they are pretty. Even the backwards one.


  1. hahaha I like the potential candidates for the invitation!! very cute! very fall festive!

    Giddy mare is awesome. especially when it's about something life(blog)-changing like being able to post pics. you're bringing this blog to a whole new level! yayyyy

    Also, lovelovelove the bridesmaid package. made my day :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    I was so excited to receive a save the date :D

  3. AHA! You admit to losing the camera. Well, the camera that is on your wish list or registry or whatever is at Costco for 100 schmezildas. Would you like it now? Would you not lose it? Would the dog not eat it?
    All my love,