Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Don't ... Or, Your Countdown Does Not Amuse Me

Two posts in twenty four hours, whaaaat? Not really, this will be relatively short. It's more of a caveat, to the universe, since the only bridesmaid who reads this would never assume this behavior was helpful ...

Why yes, I am aware that my wedding is nine months from Saturday! Stop looking so excited and chipper when you say it! I do not find this cute. I have done none of the things you think I should have done and I haven't become excited about the things you think I will gladly blather on about. In fact, most of what I have done regarding wedding planning is drink.

Drinking helps. Gets the creative juices flowing - for instance, I have fully confirmed my love of raw cotton bolls in place of flowers. Also, drinking makes me forget the facebook statuses of an "ex" friend (never really a close friend of mine to begin with, but someone I spent a lot of time with senior year) who is entirely too excited about wedding planning. Now, excitement is not a bad thing, but she is making me feel completely inadequate in a way I find to be terribly offensive. She got engaged the week before Christmas (Yes, three weeks ago, that is correct) and had listed numerous statuses regarding her wedding planning. Most recently, that she has a venue and a dress. A VENUE AND A DRESS?! IN THREE WEEKS?! I HAVE BEEN ENGAGED FOR THREE MONTHS ALMOST! WHAT THE F*@# AM I DOING?!

I think that this is partially a matter of funds. I do not have the funds that "Ex-Friend" has - and that makes wedding planning harder. But, I choose to believe that eventually I will find this process more rewarding for the fact that I did it on a budget ... or something ... something that makes me sound like a grown up, with personal growth and stuff.

The entire point of this post is that the next person who makes super happy face at me while saying "OMG you're wedding is so super soon! October is the new June! Etc Etc" is going to get hit in the face. The world has been warned.


  1. bahahaha! i'll be excited for the wedding planning for both of us. it's a snow day, give me something to do (besides con law, con law is boring. you can do my con law, i'll wedding plan)

    also, purging friends from fb is very helpful in alleviating stress. just a thought.

    have you seen the custom wedding toppers? i love them. and you can get duncan on there too.[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade

    ^ those are ridic expens but check the etsys. it's fun.

  2. screw "ex" friend. your wedding's going to be soo much more fun and it's all going to come together and work out anyway. the goal is to get married, and you will get married. so that's all that matters lol

    also, i feel like Crystal and I would clearly rather plan your wedding than do anything involving our respective future professions. So delegate! that's what bridesmaids are for, right? ;)

  3. Yeh Ex Friend sucks. Also her dog is too small. And I think you're right. It may be time to start delegating. I'm going to have to revise my posts - now TWO bridesmaids read my blog :)