Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Brief Introduction

As 2011 has started, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am to become a "grown up" in many regards this year. I will exit the 18 - 24 age bracket (I call this early adulthood) and enter the 25 - 34 age bracket (which I call the "Holy Shit. I am old and what the hell am I doing with my life, no seriously, what the hell am I doing" years) and I will also be getting married. I am far from a child bride but I realize I would be considered rather young by many people, including many of my potential wedding guests. Also: my parents say things like "We're so glad you found [Fiance]. What in the world would you do with out him?" This is not meant as hyperbole or flattery; they seriously doubt my ability to exist in adult life without him. Insulting? Maybe. Also, probably a little more than a little bit accurate. More on that later.

Given my blog's name you may have gathered that the prospect of planning a wedding does not excite me. Don't mistake what I'm saying as meaning that I am not excited to be married. I am very excited to marry Fiance and to continue the life we've started together. What I am, in fact, saying is that I was never the "Barbie's Dream Wedding" type. I never imagined what "My Day" would look like, in fact I never thought about the wedding at all, just about what I wanted from being married. Being from a divorced family this probably makes sense. The prospect of having my mother, father and stepfather as well as the entire blended family in the same room for what is supposed to be a "joyous occasion"- read: open bar and delicious food fueled fun fest - scares me shitless because I am relatively sure it will amount to an open bar fueled family feud and CNN (or at least local news) worthy rumble. Fine, maybe that last statement was hyperbole, but not by much. My family brings the crazy.

So, you may be asking yourself "Why is this chick writing a blog about planning her wedding when she seems completely opposed to the whole idea; and also wants to have like a billion bottles of wine between now and her impending October wedding date because of the stress of wedding planning?" (Yes I may have imposed some of my own thoughts into what I assume you are thinking, but I'm not omniscient, okay?!) Well, to answer your question, I am writing this blog to chronicle the challenge of planning a wedding for my husband-to-be, who apparently swallowed the Disney princess pill at some point during childhood, because being married is all about compromise and because he loves and supports my crazy ass in so many ways (not least of which, monetarily). And also because if I complain about the wedding to Fiance as much as I will likely complain about it here, he would probably be like "Fuck that noise - I'm out. Pay your own bills and stuff" or he would at least be sad about it and that would make me sad.

Soon to come: How Fiance and I Spent a Week Away at a New Year's Eve Wedding and Saw Each Other For Approximately 37 Minutes and How Fiance Started To Consider Eloping ... (Or a more catchy and concise post title I will come up with prior to posting)


  1. you are hilarious and i love you. great first post! i am excited to keep hearing about your wedding-planning antics :)

  2. Hey! Your mother, step-dad, and I got along fine at your college graduation. Nobody is going to cast a shadow on your day. Really.
    All my love,
    The Aged Parent