Friday, June 24, 2011

Weddings require a lot of work. And that is lame.

Sorry I've been totally MIA, loyal readers (all 5 - 10 of you). I fell down the black hole known as work. I successfully ran the FOH (front of house for you non-industry peeps) by myself for a full week! Yay! And in my free time I've been studying for my sommelier exam - which takes place in like six weeks ... oh and having minor meltdowns about the fact that I suddenly have to actually start planning my wedding.

You may be thinking: Oh, Mare - honey, you've been planning your wedding for the last eight months! But you would be wrong. I killed time for like, ohhhhh three months at least post engagement. Then I made like seven big decisions and signed some contracts in the span of about six weeks. And then I did nothing again - for like, three to four more months. This is not ideal. As it turns out the big stuff is easy and the little things make me feel barfy and yuck.

Most brides are like "YAY I can focus on the little things! Centerpieces! Pew flowers! Escort cards! Limos! Rehearsal Dinner! Gifts! YAY!" That same train of thought for me leads into a fairly devastating spiral of self doubt followed by cranky self pity that then turns into a lovely shade of procrastination. Seriously - I do not want to do these things. Also when I started to tell Fiance about all the thousand and seventeen things we have to do he was all like "Noooo, everything's done!" So that led me to have to write out an actual "To-do" list because I really love being right. In this case though my happy warm fuzzies of rightness feelings were quickly turned to sweaty, booze craving panic when the list turned out to be about four single spaced typed pages long. FOUR PAGES LONG. SINGLE SPACED. And after printing it I realized that there were like seventeen trillion more things I forgot.

So I employed a tactic I used often in college: Organization as Procrastination. That's an exact and very technical term.  So I re-organized our wedding binder - which, btw, had to graduate from a 1.5 inch three-ringer to a 2.5 inch three-ringer. And most of that is contracts and church crap and all that other technical, non-inspiration-board-y stuff. Then I put up a bulletin board. With a calendar and a clipboard with the afore-mentioned billion (fine, four) page long to-do list among some other things. Also a wipe board with the most important and pressing to-dos. I took a picture for y'all. You're welcome.

Organization as Procrastination at it's best.

Also, what you can't see is that in the month of August, Fiance and I will only be in town at the same time FOR ONE WEEKEND. ONE. And then in September we are in town at the same time for TWO WEEKENDS; we are also completely out of town for like four days a month before our wedding for another wedding in St. Louis. And also my bridal shower. Here's the thing - August - October are also the most busy months where I work. I am having a hard time conceiving of crossing off things on that damn four page list when I barely have time off as it is!

Anyway, I can happily report that I have already done a few of the things on the list - I mean, I may have included them on the list knowing I was about to actually do them because it would make me feel better, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I accomplished stuff. I ordered the stamps for our invitations and RSVPs. I also got all the new addresses for our wedding party (of our eleven party members five have moved since we sent out Save-the-Dates). We also paid the deacon at our church for our pre-marital counseling. And I bought some thank you notes ... Yeah. That's all. 

And here's a Dukan update for ya, in case you were interested: I've lost 14 lbs and god knows how many inches. I think I've replaced some of the fat with muscle since I started exercising because my clothing sizes went waaaay down while my weight hasn't necessarily. Anyway, I put on some jeans I haven't worn since college. That was cool. Now I just have to maintain - or at least maintain whatever weight I'm at when my dress comes in ... Crap. Add that to the to - do list.


  1. yay for 14 lbs! damn girl. i'm jealous... (as i inch closer to the fridge to cut some brie for my mid-afternoon snack...)

    post bar- give me things to do! i want to do them!

    4 pages though, day-um lady

  2. Put me to work!! Once I am able to leave the dental dungeon everyday, I am FREE! Yay no more studying anymore! (sorry crys, don't mean to brag, youll be there soon! ;) )