Friday, June 24, 2011


Remember how I was sad about all the crap I had to do for my wedding that I literally did not care about, at all? Well I went to work and then I came home and determined that I would mark something else off the list (read: participate in retail therapy, another coping mechanism I perfected in college) and I decided to cross off:

Wedding shoes. I have to have the shoes that I'm wearing with my dress before my dress comes in because the dress has to be altered/hemmed to deal with the shoes. AND, guys, what if I don't like the shoes I buy? I need to be able to have time to return them. And get new ones. And my dress is supposed to come in by mid August at the latest. This is clearly a time crunch situation.

So I ventured onto Zappos - I love Zappos, with one year to make returns or exchanges and free shipping both ways, it is by far the ideal way to shop for those of us out in East Jesus Nowhere - and I bought some shoes. Some beautiful, previously believed to be way out of my price range, shoes. Here they are:

Why yes, readers, you may realize that these are Badgley Mischkas; or Momma and Daddy, you probably have no idea what that means, but they are super expensive and super designer and stuff. Think Sex and the City, Momdre. I know you've seen the censored version on TNT - BUT, if you know me you probably know that unless I were in the middle of a serious emotional meltdown (wedding planning is close, but not quite at that level ... yet) that I would never spend that much money on shoes. God knows certainly not after having purchased a dress that was super out of my budget. 

But, like my loverly loverly mother, Zappos came to my rescue and knocked the price of these beauties way down by about 50%. And I got the last pair in my size. 

In conclusion: I love shopping. And shoes. And retail therapy. And sales. And I got to cross something off my miles long to do list. All of these things combine to make me a very content, my-damn-wedding-planning, bride to be on this particular evening. 


  1. And very nice shoes! they are. What else is on that list?