Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Wins!

I purchased a super awesome invisible ink pen from Amazon for marking the RSVPs.

And my dress came in. My first fitting is August 6.

And today I talked to "My Person" - (a Grey's Anatomy quote that most ladies will recognize but may escape the elderly readers of my blog - sorry, Mom and Dad - I meant late middle aged ... or something) that's my Happy Valley Bridesmaid. She's always been a calming influence and can talk me down from most any ledge, but I also actually talked wedding without getting worked up or irritated, and in fact, focused on all the fun shit about the wedding and wedding planning.

So today I'm feeling pretty good. I consider that a "Wedding Win" ... plus OMG invisible ink pen! So fun!


  1. hahahha what are you actually doing with the invisible pen!?

  2. ditto Crystal's comment. I'm intrigued

  3. I'm actually marking the RSVPs with the awesome pen. Apparently people often forget to print their names on the RSVP along with whether or not they're coming. So, each invite will correspond to a number printed on the card thingy in invisible ink. That way I can figure out who sent it back even if they forget to label it with their names!

    I may or may not also write subliminal/secret messages like "No need to come, just send a gift" or "I will die if you're not there" or "I honestly don't know what you even look like" or "Please don't wear that really slutty dress you wore that one time" on specific invites. Just for funsies.

  4. I hope that light on the pen is ultraviolet so you can still read your writing with another UV light source after you lose the pen or Duncan eats it. By the way, I am now over 60, which age I have always thought of as the borderline of "Old." I am sure it is well within the last third of "three score and ten," but if you divide that biblical number by 3 you get the age of roughly 23 years and 4 months as the beginning of "middle age," and geezerdom commences at age 46 years and 8 months. Of course, when much of that book was written, I imagine three score and ten was rather optimistic and most people over 23 looked like something the cat dragged in anyway. So, after that brief arithmetical diversion, I just want to say that I would rather be "old" than "elderly." That seems like a word better applied to wilted salad.