Wednesday, April 27, 2011

File This Under Totes Surreal ...

My name on a wedding invitation. On 100 wedding invitations, actually. Oh, and also Fiance's name, whatever. He doesn't seem to find it quite as crazy as I do. When I brought home the invites it went a bit like this:

Me: BABY! HOLY SHIT! LOOK! Our names! On wedding invitations!
Fiance:  Yeh, we saw the proofs though. So, I mean, it's not like we hadn't already seen them.
Me: *stunned silence* But ... But ... WEDDING INVITATIONS.
Fiance: Uh huh. They look good.
Me: OUR names on the freakin' invitations to OUR wedding.
Fiance: ...

I was clearly not getting the reaction of shock and awe that I had been expecting. I mean, I partially blame this on the fact that my name is ridiculous and I have to spell it for people all the time and also the only things I've ever had with my name on them had to be special ordered. I could never like go to Sanrio and buy a new pencil box that was pre-printed with my name. It was super lame. So - to this day, seeing my name on stuff makes me giddy. So seeing my name on MY wedding invitations makes me uber-giddy. It could only really be better if they'd been done in puff-paint and pictures of Keroppi (that was the frog, don't feel bad if you weren't cool enough to know that back in the day ... or now for that matter).

Anyway, I have to head back to work soon but since I've been going on and on about these invites for quite a few blog posts, I figured I'd take some pictures.

View of the Back of the Invite, complete with personalized label. WITH MY NAME ON IT. And Fiance's, whatever. 
When unfolded, this is the main portion of the invite - the portion which each guest will keep. It's got info on the ceremony and reception and all that jazz. It also has the appropriate wording for requesting your presence. Because I am good at google. And wedding etiquette.

RSVP portion - which Fiance thinks is overly complicated, but I promise once it is all filled out,  it really won't be that hard. And if it is, google it. This portion tears off and is sent back to me (it is self addressed and stamped - so it's free. No excuses for not sending back the RSVP).

The return address on the back of the RSVP portion. Please don't stalk me. Do send gifts.

Picture of the back of the invite all unfolded. Also the Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia that I'm using to study for my upcoming Sommelier exam. And my cat, Julius. He's really needy.

Terribly exciting right? I know that if I were a good (or popular) blogger, I would have blurred out any and all personal information ... but I'm not that popular, or good for that matter. And blurring stuff out would totes have messed up my whole point about how exciting it is to see my name on stuff, etc. etc. etc. So don't stalk me. But I will be accepting gifts and letters and postcards and really just about anything that comes in the mail that isn't a bill. Off to work! Later, kids!


  1. well, YOU can obvi stalk me. then it's consensual ... is there such a thing as consensual stalking? use your lawyer skills and let me know.